10th FAI World Gas Balloon Championship

Hotel Information

Rema Hotel Ambassador Bitterfeld

The Rema Hotel Ambassador in Bitterfeld is situated right next to the balloon launchfield. 68 modern and comfortable rooms, restaurant with international kitchen, a bar, meeting rooms as well as free of charge parking are available.

Important Notice:
This hotel previously belonged to the Mercure chain and was advertised as such by us. Since the hotel is now a member of the Rema hotel group you can no longer make reservations through the Accor/Mercure web site which was previously linked from our home page. In case you have made your reservation through the Accor/Mercure chain please check your reservation since we have been told by some balloonists that Mercure has tried to make reservations in Halle (about 10 km from Bitterfeld).

Zoerbiger Strasse 47
06749 Bitterfeld

Tel: +49 - 3493 - 21340
Fax: +49 - 3493 - 21346

E-mail: ambassador@remahotel.de